What to Expect - 4 Year Plan

The purpose of TAPS, as a private, non-profit organization, is to provide high school girls with a variety of community service opportunities. Over the course of four high school years, members will develop leadership skills and participate in various community service and support areas: animal therapy, child services, civic environmental, health and social welfare. To further this purpose, parents will actively work along with their daughters. Thus all members (parent and teen) will be serving our community.

Teen members are required to participate in a minimum of 75% of meetings, including All TAPS meetings and grade level meetings, and serve a minimum of 20 TAPS service hours to remain in good standing. Hours attending TAPS meetings count toward the 20 TAPS service hour requirement.

Parent members are expected to serve as a Board Member or Chair of a Committee once in four years and participate on a committee once every two years (for each daughter) during her term of active membership. They are also expected to attend 75% of the All-TAPS meetings, and to help as needed by the TAPS Board.

Below is a typical four-year community service plan for teens in TAPS:

Class Focus Project
All TAPS Projects*
Guest Speaker
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Food Bank
  • April's Angels (support Sophomores at event)
  • JumpIn! (Love-a-Child)
  • Holiday Giving DIAD
  • Finals Prep
  • American Cancer Fashion Show (Fall)
  • Valentine's Day Meadow Homes Boutique
  • School Supply Drive (Fall)
  • Octoberfest (support Juniors at event)
  • April's Angels (Love-a-Child)/Two Class Project*
  • Holiday Giving DIAD
  • Driving Prep
  • Animal Friends
  • Glide Memorial
  • Special Olympics
  • Octoberfest (Love-a-Child)/Two Class Project*
  • Holiday Giving DIAD
  • Stress Management or College Prep
  • Group Senior Service Project Theme 
  • Crossroads High School
  • Founder's Award 
  • Mentoring Freshmen
  • Holiday Giving DIAD

  • Life after High School (Gals Who Give)

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